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Aligned   To be positioned in a straight line, completely connected and acting in                                                   agreement with one's divine purpose

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Climb    This is the work. The commitment, conditioning and grit, to ascent to greatness

Rebecca Britt
Why the Climb

I always knew I was special…that is where my relationship with the divine starts. Although my childhood was tumultuous and short lived, from the time I can remember, I thought I was special, unique, chosen, destined and thus… horribly misunderstood.

My dad tells me a story about me as a baby, only two or three, I would sit on his lap and he would say “Baby, you’re pretty,” and without hesitation I would respond, “No Daddy, me happy!” I like to think I had something pretty profound figured out.

Childhood trauma, lead to nearly non existent self worth. I still thought I was special but I was never taught self value. I never really understood what worth meant. What I learned was survival. Do what it takes to get what you need…what you think you need anyway.

One thing I always longed for was a connection. A relationship with the small part of me that shimmered with certainty, strength, wisdom, power and divinity. I searched and studied, becoming a student of The Law of Attraction, Meditation, Enlightenment, Transformation, the Power of Positive Thinking and the Ask, Believe, Receive theory. What was most frustrating was how quickly I settled into…”ok, now I get it,” and essentially believed my own bullshit. I would just conform my old programming to look a little different. I would come up with an enlightened sounding narrative, and be pretty proud of myself, until like crashing into a wall….I would realize “You’re doing it again.” Then of course I would beat myself up and repeat!

When I decided to see Elizabeth, a spiritual mentor or transformation facilitator, I told her I was there for accountability. Help me see my old programming and where I’m getting in my way. I was sure God had incredible plans for me but felt I was not fully opting in.

Elizabeth worked with me to clear old programming, connect, identify with and nurture that sparkling little girl…who is truly me at my core. She helps me to not limit myself, make no conclusions, and to honor every step of the process without judgement.

Transformation feels exactly like you would imagine. It is liberating, overwhelming, inspiring, exciting, exhausting, all encompassing, disappointing, rewarding, confusing, and enlightening.

I still like Ask, Believe, Receive.

Ask…you have to truly ask, or for me an ask is more of an opting into something I already know. If I know I’m going to receive something I opt in, both feet, full intention, nothing less.

Believe….or don’t doubt. Maybe, or If is not an option. It’s when. Now, that is not to say that the plan never changes, but it is what it is until it isn’t. I believe it is truth until there is a new truth, until there is further clarity.

Receive…accept what comes your way. There have been numerous times that I have asked and believed and finally when the prize was right in front of me, I recoiled, doubted if I was ready, and didn’t graciously accept the offering as though I knew it would show up. This makes me wonder about the true integrity of my belief.

This formula is a great foundation for transformation but I don’t think it does the process true justice. It is missing, what I call, the CLIMB.

Somewhere before the receive you need to CLIMB. You will be challenged, sometimes by the minute, to continue opting into a greater capacity. It will feel something like excitement, life, death, overstimulation, realization, utter exhaustion, pure clarity, vibration and truth. My advice is….RIDE THAT WAVE. KEEP CLIMBING.


When you think you’re about to break, take one more spin on the Tilt a ‘Whirl.


 Jump fearlessly on the catapult even if it drags you through the gravel of your ego before firing you through the gates of fruition.

I’m not sure how many people can honestly endure the CLIMB and I get it. It’s a doozy. But I am super excited to choose to climb to new capacities and new possibilities. It is what I live for.

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