Accountability to the pursuit of purpose

What is the Aligned Climb?

The Storm Rages On

Ha! I started out last year with an intention to survive and advance. How fitting that was as I had no clue just how much we would have...

Holding the Unknown

We are all literally feeling the worlds pain right now. Its like everyone is raw, and their trauma is seen and their coping mechanisms of an

Living with RATS

I wanted to take my skin off and soak it in a bucket of bleach for a week before putting it back on. I do not have PTSD.

The Quarantine Stopwatch

It took me the first six weeks of insanity to break down, and now I am ready to rebuild a life where I can be present, faithful, and aligned


My lies come from a place of fear. I have been overwhelmed lately and I realized I am afriad of success.

Don't Pray for Me

I don't even know why the question needs to be asked? Here's the deal, you CAN pray for anyone, but it doesn't need to be in their presence.

The Season of Receiving

I's supposed to be the season of giving, but right now I am in a season of receiving, and I think it's a season often forgotten

Mask Off

The first half of life is creating ways to survive. The second half is developing the awareness that you no longer need that armor

Know When to Fold

We're bound to have horrible ideas, find ourselves in nightmare situations, but you can save yourself suffering by knowing when to fold.

Divine Connections

Book time to be in the world of your purpose. That is where God speaks to you and you start to see all the connections light up.

Both and

It may not be realistic to move to Fiji right now, but there are steps you can take today to make your everyday look like your dream life.


I realized that it wasn't the things causing my stress. It was me worrying about the things that caused me stress.

You're the Problem

Are there people that you interact with that bother you? If someone you knew changed the way they were, would your life be easier?


I'm surprised by my level of anxiety that has crept up the night before I am to give a presentation to doctors

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