It is such a perfect gift from the universe that while I am getting serious about relaxing a bit, my mother-in-law is in town for a month. Without her, I couldn't choose to sleep an extra hour in the morning while she watches the baby before work. I couldn't choose to spend a weekend away, unplugged from the world and completely connected to my husband for the first time since baby way born. And, probably most importantly I couldn't just choose to not do the laundry and still have everything washed and ready for the work week.

I'm realizing as she is visiting just how important support is. They say it takes a village and I'm starting to understand.

Travis and I don't have any family close, and I guess I didn't realize just how taxing that would be on a growing family. If our families' lived closer, there definitely would have been times over the past 7 months that I would have dropped my child off at one of our parents' houses and said, "please can I just sleep for the next 4 hours? Like, without him in my house, where I can't hear him at all?"

We chose this, we chose to live at the beach and this community is going to be so amazing for him as he gets older, but I appreciate how important extended family can be to a budding family and am so grateful for the time we do get with family. I feel even a bit more grateful this holiday season as we will get to see all of our parents from now to Christmas, and we are so fortunate that parents on both sides are all super eager to help!

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