Failure Doesn't Exist

Failure or the fear of it, is the reason most of us don’t follow our dreams or pursue our calling.

It’s an illusion. A perspective, and a negative one at that. Failure is most commonly viewed as a conclusion, something that didn’t work, didn’t pay off and wasn’t worth the risk. Failure or the fear of it, is the reason most of us don’t follow our dreams or pursue our calling. Here’s the deal, if you follow the light, there is no failure. If you truly know that God has a plan for you and you show up to that plan, you will succeed, but success may look a lot like failure often along your journey.

To get to your end goal, and to live as miraculously as God intended you to, you’ll have to grow to a capacity that you can receive his plan.

This could look like, losing a job, having a closing date on your house fall through, break ups with romantic partners, lost friends and a whole slew of other challenges that can feel like failures.  If you are truly walking in the light, these struggles are most likely the refining that needs to take place before you can receive. It is God working to clean up old programing, develop your true self, and his opportunity for you to opt into more. We cling so desperately to what we have now, while we wishing for more. Rather than cling, let go. Be willing to burn it all to the ground, if the divine so leads you. You do not need to see how this circumstance or decision will lead to the end plan but you do need to know, it will.

Being unattached to the process and simply being in the flow, allows you to open up to the vast possibilities and drop the linear action plan, usually resistant to abundant deliverance. It doesn’t need to happen “just so”, when big changes happen, or things fall through, or miss the mark….your reaction need only be “ok, that didn’t work, so we’re moving in a different direction now, thank you for revealing this new path”

Get excited about God moving in your life, shaking things up, and delivering things you didn’t know were possible. IMPOSSIBLE is where god shows up! Living in radical faith means blowing the lid off impossible, taking every failure as simply greater clarity on your journey and honoring the whole process.

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