Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I recently realized that I was tapping into adrenaline to get through my to-do list. I would fly in and out of meetings during the day, drink a couple coffees, meet deadlines right at 5, fly to go pick up the baby, get home, cook dinner, bathe the baby, feed him, put him down, then do my homework, or take any late calls I had scheduled. Phew! Done and Done. Let's wake up and do it again tomorrow. But, running on adrenaline is not sustainable.

When I realized that this adrenaline thing I was doing wasn't healthy, I immediately thought about what I could take off my plate. I played out scenarios in my head of what it would look like for me to drop certain responsibilities. None really seemed like viable options. While I took a couple days to wrestle with what to give up, I noticed I had dropped the adrenaline. I was still doing all the things, just kind of laid back. I'll get what I get to and the rest I'll get to eventually.

I'm a doer. I don't need to worry about slipping so much. I tend to get things done by deadline, so why all the manic energy in between? Why be overwhelmed when you know damn well, you've got this.

I learned that I don't necessarily need to take anything off my plate, or make huge adjustments on what I do, but I do need to adjust how I do them. My approach needs to be healthy and present. Chip away at deadlines while I have energy, do less taxing items when I'm not "in the zone", and take a break when I need to take a break.

I realized that it wasn't the things causing my stress. It was me worrying about the things that caused me stress.

If you wake up and show up, the things will fall into place. I'm still amazed at how much more at peace and relaxed I can feel simply by shifting the way I approach my day. Not letting anything go, still killing it, but no manic energy. This mindset also allows me to be more present for others. Before I had way too much going on to even stop for a second to help someone else, have a friendly I'm much more available for this now.

Self-care doesn't need to be something you schedule into your busy life. You can make yourself a priority each and every moment of the day by approaching your schedule with a self-caring mindset.

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