Anal Memberships

So I'm crazy super busy right. We know that already? OK, so I have monthly calls with my Stable Moments certified sites and I send them reminders for the calls right? Well I have a call tomorrow night and I sent out a reminder today and I get this awesome response back.

HAHAHAHA. Can I just say 1. I love my members and 2. Shit happens. LOL ok, that was a pun, but as soon as I got this email I thought quickly about some PR response. I thought about beating myself up for being sloppy and not re-reading and editing this email properly. I thought about, simply saying thank you and not mentioning it again. But let's be real, this is funny. So I emailed her back telling her I LIVE for TYPOS like this. I mean c'mon these are the typos that people make up.

Also, I do think I should be more careful, but I also think we can get off our high horse on being perfect. They know what I meant, we make mistakes, we try to be professional but lets be honest, it's Rebecca, mom, with a full time job and grad school trying to run this business so you might hear about anal memberships when you're getting a notice about annual memberships. I will try to be more diligent, but I promise I will show up, be honest, be humble and unapologetically me who is good enough just the way I am. Typos and all.

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