Both and

If you ask someone what they wish their life looked like, most people would describe something other than what their life currently looks like. This is true for most of us.

When we look further into the reasons behind why we aren't living the exact life we want, we usually find a whole list of excuses.

I have to work to pay the bills

I can't afford the things I want

I'm busy

The kids are my priority

I have responsibilities

Those excuses are followed by a list of assumptions.

I have to earn money by working the exact hours expected at my current job.

I need to base my budget off my current single stream of income.

I will let people down if I say no.

Fair enough, right? But is there any wiggle room? You don't necessarily have to quit your job to get some extra time. Is there any way you could work 4 days a week instead? Could you change your hours? Could you pick up some free lance work and do some consulting for those extra things you want? Are there ways both you and your kid's needs can get met? Will the world really crumble if you just start saying no more?

I get it, it may not be realistic to quit your job and move to Fiji right now, but there are totally steps you can take today to make your everyday look a bit more like your dream life. Everything isn't rigid. Sink into the fluidity of life and see what can flex to work for you. Life isn't meant to be an either can be a both and. In this instance, you can have your cake and eat it too, you just need to be open to the possibilities, forget the excuses and stop with the limiting assumptions.

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