Don't Fake it 'til You Make It

Fake it 'til you make it right? I feel like there is a generation of people who were taught this and it really helped them get in the door and even respected and promoted at their jobs, or in their industry, but I'm starting to wonder if they ever made it?

If you asked those people today, are they still faking it? Do they think they've made it, or did they really just learn to fake it forever?

I don't like fake it 'til you make it.

I do like being ambitious and dressing for the job you want to get, but there is nothing good about faking it. You can actually do quite a bit of harm taking on something that you have no experience in or you are going to fake your way through. I mean you wouldn't want a heart surgeon who normally practices in orthopedics to say, "eh, fake it 'til you make it right?"

So what to do. You gotta assess what you do have to offer. If you think you have the skills for the job and can learn what you don't know, great, but be honest about that. Don't pretend you know it all. If you don't have experience, get experience. Hang out with people you aspire to be. Work for free, as an intern, to get the experience. Put yourself somewhere, where you can start doing some of these things you are claiming to be an expert in.

Because if you fake it 'til you make it, you just get REALLY good at faking it.

Taking others work as your own, making things look pretty, and eventually it will catch up with you. Either you will be riddled with anxiety from inadequacy or others will see right through your bullshit. It feels awesome to be competent and strong in a sought after skill, so put in the time. Be humble while you learn and confident in your authentic ability when you "make it."

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