I used to have a reoccurring dream that I would lose brakes in my car and couldn't stop. I think I started having these dreams soon after I learned how to drive and they pop up still from time to time, although I will say it seems less often the older I get.

Breaking that dream down was interesting. I'm sure I did it with the help of several different therapists, but I was able to realize it was when I felt out of control in my life and not from chaos caused by me but by things out of my control, like the car in the dream. In the dreams I would navigate through traffic and intersections always pushing as hard as I could on the brake pedal but to no avail. I would never stop and always braced for an inevitable crash.

I've always been really intrigued by dreams. I used to keep a dream journal because I thought I could decode divine messages delivered in my sleep. I still think dreams are cool and telling, but I'm not convinced they're meant to tell you things you don't already know.

I've thought of this often. When you dream an ominous feeling about someone in your waking life, is that something external trying to tell you to watch out for that person, or is it just a manifestation of what you already feel about that person?

I've come to decide that you may not deliver external messages, but you can learn a lot about yourself, how you're managing your life, work you still need to do and how you feel about your relationships. Dreams can unlock old programming you are holding onto, so rather than disregard them get curious, and try to record what you dream about. Are there patterns? What do they tell you?

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