Holding the Unknown

The world feels icky right now. My insecurities have grown as I encounter people in daily interactions. Am I making the right choices for my family and my community? Do I care enough, about the right things? Is this authentic caring or am I being pressured into being fake? Am I a sheeple? Do people pre-covid, that I got along with, not like me now because of my choice or lack of choice? It's a fuster cluck of emotion and anxiety.

We are all literally feeling the worlds pain right now. Its like everyone is raw, and their trauma is seen and their coping mechanisms of anger, avoidance, righteousness are poppin off in one dramatic cinema we're all forced to watch.

Here's the deal, I have felt like I should have a stance on a lot of things. I know the whole, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything line, but I feel as though that's exactly what people are doing. They're falling for anything disguised as standing for something. When uncertain times hit us, it is human nature to grasp. To find some certainty. To cover up our vulnerability by showing very outwardly that we are fine. That we are right. That if everyone just listened to us, and thought the way we did, and did what we said the world would be okay. But that's all that is, its us being scared, and that's okay.

So I feel most comfortable not taking a stance right now. I don't have enough information to and I certainly don't want to take a stance on something because it is "in-trend" to do so. I want my position to be authentic. The thing I feel the most certain about is that I don't have enough information. I am comfortable saying "I don't know". I respect those who think they do know and make decisions for themselves, that is their choice. But, when did "I don't know" become so scary? The truth is, most of us don't really know. We cast opinions from irrelevant vantage points and it's not helpful.

I don't mean this post to stop the madness, but I will say that we need more people to hold the unknowing.

Maybe the bravest stance right now is admitting that you don't know.

The more we can let go of what we think and surrender to what is, the quicker this world can heal.

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