I'm Going to be Radically Wealthy

I just feel it in my heart. You need money to change the world and there is absolutely no reason I can't attract wealth into my life.

I know, people get hung up on focusing on money. We hear money is the root of all evil and too often money and greed go hand in hand, but I'm going to need a boat load of money to do the good in this world I plan to do. So the first step in my commitment to others is to set an intention to become wildly wealthy. I believe you should focus on helping others with your unique craft while setting an intention of wealth. This isn't self serving, in fact it may be the most selfless thing you do.

I simply don't want money to be an obstacle. I have dreams of starting a foundation where I give counseling, direction and seed money to start up nonprofits. There are so many people who have passion, and a god given calling to do good, but lack of business sense, support, direction and grit, leaves them feeling defeated. I've been there. I'd like to be the support I needed when I was in that position.

I'd like to fund their projects, while developing a sustainable business plan that allows them to focus on the work they are good at.

"God's work" can be so isolating.

You learn a lot about yourself, your limits, your character. I envision a University of sorts that my foundation offers to alleviate growing pains and set nonprofits up for success.

As a country we are polarized, and while the powers at be fight and become more wrapped up in their own interests, I think we will have no choice as a society, but to choose to help ourselves and each other. I'm all about less government IF it means more communities pulling together to solve local problems and help their neighbors. It's time to shift responsibility to back to us.

So while I work toward helping end the foster care crisis, and supporting nonprofits, I will also be working toward wealth. I think it's my duty, in this life, to give in all possible ways and if not me, then who?

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