I Waited Too Long

How do you know when you are done? I mean like really done....need a break. I'm not just talking about for the morning, or the day or even the week, but like you've been running balls to the wall for months on end and lost sense of who you are at your core as you've been on the grind?

I know that I am done when I dream of getting in my car and driving far, far away. No specific destination in mind, but one thing is for sure, I am dropping every responsibility of mine with every mile I drive in the opposite direction. When I have started dreaming of these long drives away from everything I know, I have waited too long.

I love being busy and I'm good at juggling a full plate, but it can only be sustained for so long before I need a break. I forget who I am in the demands of my obligations and need to remember, without any of them, who is Rebecca?

I only have so much vacation time at work, and I use most of it for the business trips I take with Stable Moments, so there really is no down time. Add on top of that that I had a baby this year. Any mom out there knows, being a mom alone equals no down time.

For some reason though, I let myself get to this breaking point. This completely overwhelmed, I don't even know who I am anymore place, before booking a trip. Then, of course I have to book the trip several months out and its a grueling, painstaking wait until my batteries can be recharged....just ask my husband.

So I plan to schedule in these breaks. Be a bit more intentional about time to disconnect, reconnect and just be, with (dare I say it) no responsibilities. For me, twice a year will do, so I'll start there. But, I encourage you to assess how much time away, completely disconnected from the demands of life you need, and schedule it. Prioritize it. Budget it. You'll return renewed and ready to climb!

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