I'm a Juggler

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

It's all about balance...we hear this all the time. As someone who loads a lot on her plate, I am asked often, with your full-time job, being in grad school, running Stable Moments, and being a new mom, how do you find balance? The answer is, I don't.

I never feel balanced and right now, I'm OK with that. It sounds nice but idk how to balance it all, but I am good at juggling. Jugglers usually start with a couple balls and get into a certain rythm before adding the next ball. Some people can't juggle, others can do three balls really well but everything falls apart when they throw in a fourth.

Sometimes, you've got your rhythm going and someone throws a new ball at you. This becomes part of your rhythm. Many of us go through life picking up new things to juggle all the time. Without ever dropping any balls, we become overwhelmed and feel like a crazy person fueled by coffee and obligation and we truly feel like we belong in a circus.

I am proud to be a juggler. I am good at it, and for right now, I don't feel a need to be perfectly balanced.

I think though, that it's really important to understand your capacity. How many things can you juggle before you're completely overwhelmed and heading for a complete breakdown, where all the balls drop?

Take inventory of what you're juggling and how each of those things add to your life. Are they added value? Do they bring you joy? Are they necessary? Then identify what you can put down temporarily, throw to someone else, or throw out completely.

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