I've Done That

We all do it. We all get frustrated and pissed at others. I'm good for a few sarcastic remarks, "nice turn signal buddy" or "oh, don't worry, I don't have anywhere to be" when navigating my daily life. But, something I say more often than not is, "I've done that."

My husband gets easily annoyed with people. Traffic is probably the easiest example. Someone isn't looking where they're going, pulls out in front of us, and they're met with a loud horn and I get the pleasantry of hearing whatever creative name he has for them. When he does this, I usually respond with, "that's me," or "there I go," pointing at the car in question.

The truth is, I do stupid shit ALL the time.

I try to be super cognizant, but I'm guilty of standing in front of items at the grocery store, pulling up Pinterest to check my recipe while people try to navigate around me. I have hesitated at an intersection and pulled out right in front of someone at the last minute. I have been the person that someone is cussing at in their car.

If these people are like me, they are aware that they have made your life difficult. They are saying, "sorry, sorry, sorry" as they pull out in front of you, or as they realize they just cut you off. So when people make my life difficult, I empathize. I've done that. I see me in them and that makes me want to say, "it's ok, we've all been there." There may be times for utter shock of someone's behavior, neglect or disregard, but I can't imagine it is all the times we have a negative reaction. So next time you're out, and you think, "are you kidding me?" try to turn it around and say "I've done that," because chances are you have.

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