My Plan Doesn't Matter

I am all about srategic planning, getting your goals written out and abiding by the tasks it takes to get there, but you can't become so attached to your plan, or to your outcome that you don't open yourself to other possibilities.

If you subscribe to the idea that God has a plan for you, or you have a higher purpose in this world, if you believe you were made for more, then you have to be willing to accept that you don't know the exact outcome.

I'm pretty certain at least part of my purpose lies in helping children in foster care, which lead me to starting Stable Moments, but when I started it was a local nonprofit and there were SO MANY BUMPS in the road. Had I clung to HAVING TO MAKE IT WORK, then I wouldn't have realized the bigger plan. I was never intended to serve just 20 kids in one community, but at the time, that is all I could see. God had to make it miserable for me to LET GO of that one small program which freed me up to write the curriculum and launch Stable Moments in locations nationwide, where I am serving way more kids.

We tend to be unable to see things other than what our programming has taught us. We expect that a certain outcome will take certain inputs so we create a narrative about how something will manifest. Something I try to practice when forecasting my future is adding "or," to the end of my statement. "I'm going to grow Stable Moments to 50 locations by the end of 2020, or I could get a call and sell the rights to my curriculum." The "or," could be anything, it's just my practice in staying fluid in whatever God has planned for that program. I wake up and show up HARD every day, but if it were all gone tomorrow, I would be grateful for the incredible learning experience and listen for my next direction.

I still make my plans based on what I know to do, but I am totally cool with scrapping the plan whenever I need to. It's a practice in faith, but if I truly want to climb to my higher purpose, then MY desired outcome doesn't matter. How relieving it is to know that God's plans are much greater than my dreams, and humbling to know I can choose to be a part of it.

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