Next Week at This Time...

I know, I talk about how full my plate is all the time. I talk about it a lot because it's true. I am in the throws of a shit ton of responsibilities that I willingly took on. All in the name of my Aligned Climb and so that I can look back and be happy I chose to do these things when I did. Do what you can now, while you have the energy, right?

Being overwhelmed is commonplace for me. I'm not a superhuman who does it all effortlessly. In fact, I often feel like life is holding me under and my only choice is to tread water, and fight until it releases me to take a short breath before cruely forcing me back under. (Can you tell I have trauma from having two older brothers?)

One way I have learned to deal with overwhelming feelings, is by thinking about the future, and I'm not talking, like someday I'll be so happy I did this, but like, this will be over soon.

Even in this moment, I am procrastinating on writing a large proposal assignment for grad school that is worth a large portion of my grade. As I stare at the empty pages and start to coil my body into the fetal position, I stop and tell myself, by this time tomorrow you will have all these pages filled and this assignment turned in.

It's the slap in the face I need to bring me from crippled to climbing.

This has been highly effective for taking on tasks that are completely out of my comfort zone. When I have been nervous before speaking to a large group of doctors, or throwing big events, I simply tell myself, by this time next week you will have given your speech, or thrown your event and either it will have been great, or it will have been a complete disaster, but either way it will be done. You will have learned from it and you will have more confidence for the next time.

I understand most people don't move forward on their big dreams because they are overwhelmed and don't know where to start. But, I say, start somewhere, get uncomfortable and just know that by this time next week, next month, next decade it will be over and you will be a better person for it.

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