Right Where You Belong

My husband and I have been in a weird place this last week. Just two different wave lengths. I'm overwhelmed, tired, working and just pushing through so I barely take notice of where he's at. He's kind of been in a funky place too. We never let distance grow, though I noticed last night, things were off. Nothing drastic, just quieter, not as connected. I chalked it up to us being tired and we went to bed.

This morning, we went out to breakfast and we both acknowledged things have been weird, but not between us, just weird. We miss fall weather in GA. This conversation about weather lead us down some path where we were looking up real estate in the mountains. I asked about moving west. We could both get jobs anywhere. We talked about North Carolina, Arizona, and Louisiana. We talked about how much land we would have, and living next to a lake. We talked about our dream scenarios.

Then the baby was fussy, we finished up our meals and headed home. We went through the rest of our day without any mention of our crazy, let's pick up and move conversation from earlier. It was fun though. It was the exact respite I needed. Someone to just humor me and talk about what moving and changing everything right now would look like. It's fun to keep the possibilities open. To not feel so stuck to your daily grind that you're a slave to it.

When you keep the possibilities open you remind yourself that you are choosing where to live, choosing your job, your community, your life.

We ended the evening having a beer with our neighbors. Nothing planned, literally walked across the street and were offered a beverage as we caught up. We all commented on how gorgeous the ocean breeze met the warm air left by the setting sun. This is something you couldn't get in the mountains. Everything has its beauty. It's just stopping to remember, and sometimes you have to explore different possibilities to remember you are right where you belong.

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