Ever felt stuck somewhere you didn't belong? When you're made for more settling isn't an option, but how do you balance where you want to be and where you are?

Climbing towards your divine purpose means making choices that are aligned with your ideal self. A lot of people have questions about decisions they should make, jobs they should take, relationships they should be in, but the truth is you already know.

If you stopped and really felt your options in your soul, you would understand which choice you should make. The choice is just hard because their is change and fear associated with it. I don't question what choice is right for me often. I am pretty clear on which choice feels lighter, is more in flow and is in direct alignment with my purpose.

The problem I have is when I feel stuck. When I know I am engaging in something that is not in alignment, but I feel it's not the right time to make the move.

Not being in alignment is exauhsting. All I can do in these moments is get laser focused on my plan to make the move. Some people may be stuck in a city, or a relationship, or a school or a job that doesn't feel aligned, but it simply isn't feasible to get up an go in this moment. Get clear on your goals. Take every ounce of energy you put into disliking your current situation to making a new situation for yourself. Make a calendar, a work back plan, build in self care to keep the situation from sucking the life from you and work your plan. Imagine the day you will wake up in your own home, or your dream job, or free from a toxic relationship.

Imagine what it feels like and LIVE for that. CLIMB for that. We would never reach our divine potential if we were made comfortable in mediocrity. People who are made for more find themselves unsatisfied with anything less than their god given vision, so get used to being fed up and stuck, because it's what keeps us climbing.

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