Survive and Advance

Every year, going into the new year I make a habit to choose a word for the year. One that keeps me focused and sets an intention. Some of my past words have been, aligned, intentional, create, you get the gist. This year the word that keeps coming up is "survive". At first I felt I was being a bit dramatic, but the more I searched inward the more I felt like survive was the intention I wanted to set for this year.

I felt a little ashamed setting such a low bar. This was supposed to be my inspiration and I heard my inner life coach yelling, c'mon...survive? You can do better than that! But, I just didn't feel it.

During one of our late night talks my husband and I seem to have every night, I told him about my word. I asked him, "is survive a total cop out?" To which he responded, "for you to survive is to advance."

He reminded me that I had set my schedule for this year to complete grad school, start a podcast, launch several initiatives at my day job and bring in more revenue with my true passion, Stable Moments. This is on top of being a new mom. He told me that if I survive through the four new training dates set, the homework assignments, work assignments, travel, podcast episodes, and the daily adventures of being a mom, then I will be doing so much more than surviving. We broke it down together.

Because the to-do list was so daunting there was no other way to approach it than to wake up and show up. One day at a time you survive and over time, you complete. Each step you survive and advance. He told me he had this saying hanging in his classroom, coined by the 1983 NC State basketball team coach Jim Valvano who lead his most unlikely team to a National Championship.

This was the pep talk I needed. The permission to just survive as my surviving is accomplishing everything I have set out to do. It is okay to break it down, one day at a time and often just surviving means you advance. You don't need to be any more than you, doing what you do best.

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