Swipe Right for Forever

So we met on Tinder. I was not interested at all in joining a Social Media app known for "netflix and chill," but as one of my volunteers suggested, I had nothing to lose.

I was immediately amused by the laughable profiles on the site and found this cyber stalking kind of fun. Among the wind suit wearers, beer guzzlers, and up and coming rap stars, one profile caught my eye. It was a simply amazing man, sitting in the middle of a Target in a children's chair.

His profile said he swipes right on any girl with animals in their pictures. I had horses and puppies in all my pics, so I was a sure bet! There was only one thing to do.....

After I swiped right, I immediately realized we may be destined for each other, as the app revealed "It's a Match!" I anxiously awaited my prince charming's correspondence........but there was nothing. So completely disregarding traditional gender roles, I reached out.

"I bet you swiped right because of the animals in my pics!"

and almost instantly a response:

"Well that, and you're pretty cute!"

When he finally asked me out to dinner, he only had one rule; I had to pick, and he had to pay. Thinking these terms were fair, I asked around the barn, I work at, for suggestions. I didn't know the area and my volunteers suggested the Cherokee Cattle Company would be right up my alley.

So, I sent the details to Travis and told him I would see him there.

I didn't quite realize how country/western/horse girl my volunteers perceived me as until I was pulling up to this date. The Cherokee Cattle Company was lined from the road with 15 American Flags, The "H" in Cherokee was flickering like a no vacancy sign, and there were bull horns, as handles on the doors. I could already feel my cheeks getting red as I pulled in ....where did I tell this guy to bring me, a Golden Corral?

Trying to compose myself, I grasped the large Bull TUSK and pulled the door open, only to hear some awfully twangy country playing overhead. Now, don't get me wrong, Love America, Love Horses, Love Country music but this place is NOT painting an accurate picture of me. I'm more of a French Bistro girl. I guess slinging horse manure and stacking hay bales doesn't scream crepes and escargot, so I can't blame my volunteers.

I entered the restaurant and found my date waiting for me. I laughed and told him, I would have never chosen this place. He smirked, looking confused and told me he thought the place was great.

He would later tell me, he fell in love with me that night. YeeeHaw!

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