The Laundry Can't Wait

The laundry can wait...this is the advice you get as a new parent. Enjoy every moment with your baby because soon you will look back and wish you had let the house go and just focused on what mattered (your baby).

Who's giving this advice? I mean I can appreciate an older woman looking back on her life and wishing she had done less laundry, and spent more time playing with her kids. But, I imagine if she actually thought through the consequences of letting the laundry wait, she would realize that "the laundry can wait" is kind of a pipe dream.

I do my laundry on Saturdays. Because I have a baby, three loads from the week, wash, dried, folded takes me all day. With a baby, a task like laundry is an all day project. More reason why waiting isn't a great idea. Sundays is meal prep and homework, again which take all day, because I have a baby. So when I let laundry wait, it's Monday before we know it and guess what Monday looks like when I let the laundry wait. It looks like me digging through stinky ass laundry to find a still damp sports bra from last week, so I can go work out. I only have 5 sports bras, I used them all the week before. (I don't think the answer here is to buy more clothes). Then I do the same disgusting dance with work clothes and hope that nobody at work gets close enough to realize I'm wearing clothes that were in a heap under my stank sports bra.

Even worse, my baby would go to daycare with pants from two months ago that he can barely breath in, or ones so big that they fall to his ankles so, there was really no point in sending him in said pants. Then, at bath and bed time, same predicament with no clean pajamas for the kid, which leaves my husband smelling the clothes in the baby hamper to see which sleeper has the least amount of food, drool and spit up on it.

I understand not keeping the house hospital grade clean, or worrying about things that truly can wait. Trust me, I was raised by a mother that was always busy, and as a kid I wished she relaxed more. She would literally clean the house, the cars and then paint the shutters on the house. I get you don't need to paint the shutters on the house. So maybe the saying should be more like, the shutters can wait....because in my world the laundry definitely can't wait.

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