The Quarantine Stopwatch

My family is about six weeks in on self quarantine. My life is like a lot of others, no trips anywhere, besides the walk around the block. I don't even go to the grocery store as my husband is the designated shopper. Probably best because I'm the type to put the grocery divider at checkout in my mouth while I retrieve things off the bottom of the cart. I carried the "let them eat dirt" philosophy into adulthood and have a pretty good immune system for it.

We have a one-year-old and two full time jobs. I also have my business and am still in grad school, so time management was going to be priority. My husband and I pretty quickly decided on a routine for us both to get work done and care for the baby. We chose two hour intervals and for the first few weeks I felt like we were really doing well. We weren't gonna let a crazy schedule, work, a baby and not going anywhere get us down. At least we were healthy right? At least we're not on the front lines. I could go on and on, literally so much to be grateful for.

As the days spin on, my workload at work has increased as there is a need to respond to the virus, but my hours have reduced or at least the quality of hours have. I feel like as soon as I sit down, ready to annihilate my 2 hour block with productivity, I get a random email, a call, a text, a question from my husband in the other room that distracts me and once I am finally refocused anxiety sets in. I only have an hour and forty minutes. And, just when I am feeling in the groove and really starting to chip away at my work, time's up.

Time to watch the baby.

I started out this quarantine being so grateful for more time with my son. But now that there is way more cleaning to do with us home all day, I feel like I have to try to juggle getting something done with the house while I have him and even if I do just chill, the work I am not doing stands over my shoulder with disapproval.

I had this really inspiring interview for my business podcast that made me want to find the opportunity in this time. What should I let go of coming out of this pandemic? What do I want to see change about my life? What habits and narratives do I have that don't serve me? Sometimes what we know is right for us, feels super unattainable. But how can we get more of it? This is our time to be resourceful and creative. The gym may not be open, but we can exercise.

This is a time to show ourselves that we can find another way, that we can choose a different path and still be okay. For once in our lives we actually have a SUPER valid excuse to shut off the stopwatch and live a bit more in the flow. It took me the first six weeks of insanity to break down, and now I am ready to rebuild a life where I can be present, calm, faithful, certain and aligned.

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