The Storm Rages On

Ha! I started out last year with an intention to survive and advance. How fitting that was as I had no clue just how much we would have to trudge through 2020. And here we are 2021, and I'm pretty sure the dumpster fire that was 2020 is still a raging inferno. I mean, I typically am a very glass half full girl, and I have a boat load to be grateful for, but 2021 has started out exactly how 2020 ended. I have a toddler on quarantine and most the time I am living life hour by hour. I have said "it is what it is" more times than I am comfortable with in the last 6 months.

So going into 2021, my word for the year is peace. If we're being honest and it truly is what it is, then lets call it out. It's a shit show. Now, I'm not throwing away all of 2021 in the first week, but I can't stand to muster up any energy to pretend we have overcome much of anything and are ready to live this new life we have created. We, as humans, are still at war. We're at war with ourselves and at war with each other. Our old life and new life are at war with each other. The ambiguous loss of our old selves, lives, traditions, friends is a lot and something we need to allow ourselves time to sort through. I have hope that the storm may clear in 2021 but we're clearly still in the middle of a storm.

There is a time for war and a time for peace. Like it or not, we declared war in 2020 and we're still battling, we're still seeking peace. So peace for me looks like being kind to myself. There were a bunch of memes in 2020 about how you can't expect yourself to work from home and teach homeschool etc., etc., which was validating in the moment, but that is exactly what people were, and still are, expected to do. We need to acknowledge the unsustainable expectations we're living and work to reduce those. I have noticed in a year where we need it most, my empathy and kindness for others has been less and less. This is my first indicator I am not being kind to myself. When our needs aren't met, we can't meet others.

So all I can hope for 2021 is that everyone turn inward, and find their peace.

To everyone who is vocal, screaming even and feels they're not being heard, work on hearing yourself. Give yourself what you seek from the world, because the world is tapped out right now. You're the answer when it comes to your peace. Nobody else can give or take that from you.

Being kind to yourself, hearing yourself, loving yourself, empathizing with yourself, valuing yourself, nurturing yourself, does translate to doing all those positive things for your community and we are ripe for healing.

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