They Should Just...

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I cringe when I hear this and I hear it often. Everyone has opinions of what "others" should do.

"They should just install a light at that crosswalk."

"They should just make their sign bigger and closer to the road."

"They should just be open longer hours."

"They should just repair all the playground equipment."

It's incredible how many great ideas we have to make the world a better place, and yet how unwilling we are to actually participate in the change. Are you willing to donate the money? Do you want to spend time with the city balancing the budget and the thousand requests of what they should just do? Do you care to think about the logistics that go into installing a light at a crosswalk? Do you want to understand the permit process to get a sign of a particular size a certain distance from the road? The answer is no. As soon as we go there, we realize that someone probably already went down this road and determined the thing they should just.....just wasn't feasible.

Do you think they never thought of your brilliant idea? They did Karen, it just wasn't that easy.

First of all, who is "they"? We have some erroneous idea that organizations, businesses, cities, governments are different from us. That they're some entity separate from us. Newsflash, we are the government, we are our communities, our cities, our businesses, our organizations.

What we need to start saying is "we should just." And if we feel that it is unfeasible for us to dedicate time to it, the we should just shut up, stop being critical and understand most things are the way they are for a reason.

When I ran my nonprofit, I got this all the time. Rebecca, you should get the local churches to come and knock all this manual labor out in a day. Rebecca, you should run a summer camp for the months kids are off school. I started responding with, "great idea, can you lead that charge?" Rarely did the person making the suggestion step up to make the change they wanted to see happen.

So, I commit to taking "they should" out of my vocabulary. If I'm not willing to jump in and help make the change I feel strongly about, then I don't get to talk about it.

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