When Did We Become So Entitled?

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

We really are such an entitled society, and I'm not just talking about millennials or the newer generations who seem to have everything done for them. Entitlement is just who we've become.

We've all heard the arguments about technological developments making us more demanding of instant gratification. We get pissed when our cell phone is slow to load pictures on Instagram. Hell, even my internet connection was lost while writing this and the first thing I thought was "mother f*cker". Whoa......small potatoes my friend, woosah.

The digital age has made us more isolated. Amazon prime is offering same day delivery on items....I mean, why would anyone leave the house?

This loss of human contact and connection to others is shaping us more than we know. The more time we spend focused on ourselves, our needs, our news feeds, our tv shows, our websites, our businesses, our jobs, our daily routines, the more we lose sight of others. The less valuable others become. Their experiences compete with ours and lose.

Even more disturbing is we aren't just ignoring others, we are annoyed by others. In traffic, in the grocery store, online, at work. Anyone who slows us down or poses any challenge to our very important plan for the day, is met with negativity. "What does this guy think he's doing," "C'mon Marge we don't have all day," "I can't believe she's doing that right now!" I hear, and am guilty of making comments like this all the time. What we are really saying is:

If they didn't exist our lives would be easier.

Yikes! Now, of course we don't want anyone to die, and we can quickly justify our statements by saying we were just frustrated, or in some way or another, our needs are more worthy. More worthy than theirs of course. But, when did we become so entitled?

When did we stop seeing people in our communities as part of us? When did their experiences stop mattering? When did we become so superior?

I remember times I would begrudgingly take a phone call with a client. Ugh...I have so much to do, hopefully I can make this quick. I would go into the call with the intention of getting off the phone as quickly as possible. But, time after time I realized I liked connecting and helping. I learned more often than not, people want to be listened to and to have their experiences validated. It was not only easy for me to give them that, but it was rewarding.

Here is what I challenge myself to do, and I hope you'll join me. Stop being so entitled. You don't deserve to get through the grocery store quicker. You don't deserve a life where nobody ever makes anything difficult for you. Become a leader. Be the calm in the storm. Lead by example. Make people's day brighter. Let people go in front of you. Help the person at work that drives you nuts. Not only will you positively impact their day, but you'll effortlessly let go of all the tension you typically hold for these situations.

I'm not talking about ignoring unhealthy situations that need to be dealt with, but most of the time when we're triggered its our entitlement coming through. Start recognizing the value others have to offer. The divine uses others to teach us, guide us and show us things we're refusing to see. By opening ourselves to others we are opting in to the opportunity for growth. We learn the most when we are willing to put ourselves aside and invest in what else is out there. After all, we already know, what we already know.

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