Why Dreams Fade

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

So I get crazy, huge ideas all the time. They hit me like an avalanche. It starts with a few thoughts in the car on the way to work, and by the time lunch rolls around, I've landed on a unique name, bought a domain, and developed a website. I'm not exaggerating...

Im a visionary, even for other people's ideas. I have domain names under my account for my friend's, brother's, mother's and husband's business ideas. Again, not exaggerating. My mind immediately goes to, this is gold, and the world needs to know about it.

The energy that comes with the avalanche of ideas is incredible. So much so, it is actually uncomfortable. My heart races, I get dry mouth and it's difficult for me to get a cleansing breath. That's right, my excitement gives me panic attacks. I actually suffered from panic attacks as a kid, but strangely they happened when I was excited about an opportunity. I have come to believe that I am just super tapped in to divine energy in these moments.

I've learned to ride these waves as this is the power of something being revealed to me.

The problem is the sustainability of it all. You can't sustain that vibration. Maybe you can for a few days or even a few weeks, but at some point, the grandeur of the vision seems too far off for it to have a role in your daily life. Hence, you stop prioritizing it.

I think that lots of people have ideas like this, that excited them, bring them joy, strengthen their creative muscle and because they haven't developed a specific discipline to incorporate this dream into their daily life...it fades.

So that is what I do now when I'm hit with an avalanche of inspiration. Rather than building a website, designing business cards, purchasing domain names and securing the name on every social media platform, I pause. I validate, that this is a good idea. This is worth prioritization, and then I make a plan to do so. What do you first need to do to grow this idea? What do you need to research? What part of your day are you going to give this endeavor? What is your first goal to reach and when will you reach it? How will you get there?

This can be applied to a new business venture, a creative outlet, exercise, even meal prepping. How will you prioritize and build a discipline around the idea to generate the results you are so excited about in the moment? How will you keep that vibration alive?

Remembering our WHY and making a mini strategic plan is what gets us through the CLIMB to fruition.

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