You're Already There

I wake up, I show up. God does the rest. So why would we ever worry ourselves with more?

There’s a calm knowing in the pit of my being that worries of nothing. A knowing so fixed, stable, and certain that it can’t be challenged. It’s like when you have already seen the end of the DVD. If you KNOW the ending, you don’t watch the movie wondering what’s going to happen, or how. This knowing has sustained me.

Being a leader is holding the vision, knowing where you’re headed and cranking the throttle even when you can’t see the road ahead of you.

It feels reckless, and we love linear. We want to make a spreadsheet, raise the funds, hire the workers, lay the bricks and only step forward when the ground beneath us is rock solid. Well, that sounds nice, but if you know for a fact that there is water if you head North, don’t you just need to know you’re going north? I get that you could research the terrain, check the weather and wear appropriate shoes, but there is no way to tell if there are going to be downed trees, and sticker bushes, or a radical slip and slide flushing you wondrously to your destination, so why not just head North?

I don’t quite understand the societal pressure to stay at the station while you plan everything perfectly, calculate all risk and run a cost-benefit analysis. So much pressure to cling to your false sense of security, which happens to be there very place you are trying to move away from. Often, even if there is absolutely no downside, people will still scrutinize an idea.

Understand this. Some people can’t see your vision.

They either don’t have the capacity or they are too involved in the how and not involved enough in the what and even the why. If you know what you want and WHY you are doing it, you are half way there.

If the WHAT you want is your calling, then YOU ARE ALREADY THERE! There is nothing different you could do to make this vision come to fruition, better or more quickly.

So enjoy it. Ease into the transitionary, ever evolving, ungrounded, floating of life. You were made you for this! Dream God Sized Dreams! Move Forward. JUMP! Stay on the look out and listen for your next step, your next blessing, your next revelation, your next intuition, your creative truth.

I’ve gotten to where I am today because I choose to move forward. I wake up, I show up. God does the rest. So why would we ever worry ourselves with more?

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