You're the Problem

Are there people that you interact with that bother you? If someone you knew changed the way they were, would your life be easier? What if I were to tell you, you're the problem? Or really the problem is you avoiding whatever it is that you need to work on so you either 1) don't attract these people into your life, 2) aren't bothered by these people, or 3) stop judging, and change your perspective about them.

Every relationship in your life where there is judgement reflects something about you. When you judge, you cut off communications from the divine, that are showing up in your life for a reason. You shut off self discovery.

I recently was having a conversation with my spiritual coach about someone who frustrates me. I kept trying to PROVE this person was wrong, and needed to change. Now, we all know its useless to try to change someone else. My coach lead me through this revelation that I attract people who limit me because part of me is afraid to realize my potential.


I had so much more empathy for this person when I realized I had attracted them into my life and that I needed to do some more inquiry around why that was. I was actually grateful for the opportunity to discover my old programming and limiting beliefs an opportunity I wouldn't have had without this person.

Here's the real kicker.

That person will keep showing up until you do your work.

You can exit the relationship and write them off, but they'll show up again, and again, that type of person, until you don't need them to help you grow anymore, so welcome the opportunity now, and realize IT'S YOU. Stop trying to change external factors, turn inward and do your work.

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